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The staff at Customized Brokers has unmatched experience in clearing perishable cargo into the United States. Since 1989, Our People have been forming relationships with government agencies , maintaining active memberships and leadership in  industry organizations , and attending seminars and conferences  to understand the requirements and regulations for clearing your cargo fast. We even offer educational trainings for customers and interested companies to help them understand the Customs brokerage process.

Customized Brokers has strategically located certified customs specialists in or near Miami and Jacksonville, FL; Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA; Houston, TX; Philadelphia, PA; and Charleston, SC.

Our licensed brokers have decades of experience combined with the resources and connections you need to move your perishables fast. Contact us today at 305-471-8989 and let our experts expedite your perishable cargo, including produce, seafood and more, today.

 For more information about non perishable Customs house brokerage services, see  General Cargo Imports .

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