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UPDATE #7: STRIKE - APM Terminals Los Angeles: OCU Work Stoppage - 12/4/2012

12/04/2012 11:29 am

Dear Valued Customer,

The ILWU Local 63 Marine Clerks Office Unit (“OCU”) remains on strike at terminals in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach today.  ILWU long shore locals continue to honor the OCU pickets and operations are completely shut down.

Terminal  Firms Code  Status 
APM W185 Closed 
CUT W347 Closed 
Evergreen  Y124 Closed 
Eagle Marine  Y257 Closed 
Global Gateway (APL)  Y257 Closed 
ITS Y309 Closed 
LBCT W183 Closed 
Matson  C611 Open 
Pier A  Z978 Open 
PCT  W182 Open 
Shippers  Z773 Open 
Total Terminals  Z952 Open 
TRAPAC (MOL) Y258 Open 
TTI (Hanjin)  Z952 Open 
Yusen  Z952 Open 
WBCT Y773 Open 

None of the carriers have announced plans for a congestion surcharge but it is expected that additional surcharges will be levied.

We would like to prepare you for what the situation will be when the piers do reopen:

The free time for containers caught at the terminals during the strike may or may not be extended. 
Empty containers that are out and cannot be returned due to the strike will most likely incur per diem charges which will be billed by your trucker after the empties are returned.

Once the strike ends and the terminals are working, expect delays. 

We will continue to monitor the situation and hope to have a more detailed update later today.

If you have any questions please contact us at 305-471-8989.  
Thank you for your continued support,

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