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Pest Alerts

Customized Brokers Pest Alerts

To tackle any problem pests, Customized Brokers customers now have access to a custom-built  HMAP Refrigerated Chamber  (shown above; downloadable .PDF below) in Port Everglades, Fla., which allows containers to be prepared for fumigation in a chilled environment, saving your valuable cargo and eliminating the need to export the load back to the country of origin. Customized Brokers is able to coordinate any needed fumigation on customers' behalf. (Click here for a complete list of our  customized services .)

Be on the Lookout!

The following Highly Mobile Actionable Pests (HMAPs) and diseases have been identified as problematic by plant protection and quarantine identifiers. Customized Brokers encourages you to familiarize yourself and protect your international cargo from these interferences.

HMAP Cold Chamber Flyer