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General Cargo Imports


For years, Customized Brokers has been known for its reliable customs clearance and import services for perishables goods, and you can now expect the same service offerings for non-perishable general cargo.  Our import program is tailored to further simplify and meet all your logistics operation’s needs, and help ensure that customs issues at seaports, airports and/or border crossings do not delay your shipments. 

Along with customs clearance and import services, we provide a full suite of logistics services, including  domestic trucking  and  warehousing and distribution  provided by our parent company Crowley to ensure our customers aren’t hindered by a weak supply chain link.  Additionally, we have long-standing relationships with  regulatory trade authorities  to ensure that the daunting array of  import and export compliance issues  are managed in a fast and efficient manner. Look to Customized Brokers and Crowley to ensure that your cargo is handled with the transparency of a trusted, single-source provider from origination to final destination.

Service Details

LDP/DDP Full Package Coordination
  • Complete U.S. Customs clearance capabilities to accommodate various selling term entries for DDP shippers seeking to act as the foreign importer of record.
  • Door delivery enables shippers to become foreign importers of record, thus reducing U.S. buyer liability
Types of Entries
  • Textile 807 handling
  • Foreign trade zones, in-bonds, ID formal
  • Quota/visa
  • Duty preference programs
  • Drawback
  • U.S. goods returned
  • Warehouse reconciliation
  • Mail and informal entries
Electronic (RLF) Filer
  • Nationally authorized automated remote entry filer.
  • Majority of all imports cleared via electronic system before arrival.
  • Can file entry at any port within the U.S. electronically regardless of physical office locations.
Trade Compliance Advisory
  • Newsletter keeps our importers up to date with changing regulations, as well as new duty preference programs.
  • Additional compliance assistance for those who require advice in dealing with Customs’ request for further information (CF-28), notice of actions (CF-29), or possible re-delivery or marking notices.
  • Ruling assistance and informed compliance assessments
  • Validated member of the C-TPAT program. Download our certificate here: 
  • ACE participant.
Importers Security Filing - 10+2
  • Assistance to stay updated with the security filing requirements imposed on all importers for goods arriving via ocean transportation.  

Download ISF (10+2) filing certificate instructions here: